About Me

My Background


I have always loved art and at a very  young age my mother saw artistic promise and nurtured my creativity with lessons from an art tutor. Although I leaned toward math and science, I ended up in a business career, but have painted earnestly for the past several years. I started painting in my husband's garage until he booted me out. In truth, I was taking more and more of his space, so we built a beautiful, light-filled studio onto our house. Having a dedicated studio has had a profound influence on me and the art I am making. I credit mentor and instructor Ginger Oglesby and many instructors at Arrowmont  in helping me to hone my craft.

My Medium


 I enjoy abstract painting with acrylic paint on canvas, boards, or whatever surface is  available. I often mix natural materials into the paint, but I always paint lots of layers. I love the adaptability of acrylics as they can be manipulated to look like watercolor or oils and can be overpainted or scraped away.  There are infinite possibilities with acrylics.  I also like to break away from my signature way of painting and create something out of the ordinary with products used in home repairs.  Experimenting in this way is extremely exciting and something I just have to do every once in a while.

My Inspiration


Throughout the years, I traveled the world for work and pleasure and developed a great appreciation for art from diverse cultures. Whether trekking through Nepal or hiking the Appalachian Trail, my firsthand experience of the wonders of nature poured into my own creative aesthetic.  My husband and I have built elaborate gardens using plants, water, natural materials and sculpture to create beautiful vignettes. I arrange textures and colors with plants to create unique vistas in the way an artist might manipulate paint on a canvas. The transition from gardening to painting was a natural progression for me.